To provide financial assistance to the meritorious students who need financial aid to pursue their education. The financial aid will be provided to meet the student's school/college fee, books, stationery or part of their living expenses. 

Application & Selection process:  

Students need to apply for the scholarship by filling the application form and submit within the due date, following the eligibility criteria.

Shortlisted students will be called for a discussion with the scholarship committee.

The discussion would aim to understand the student's approach towards studies; his/her need for the financial aid and his/her general awareness.

Following the discussion, selected candidates will be informed and given scholarship amount as decided by the scholarship committee. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Student shall have 65% marks in the previous academic year.

Student shall have 85% attendance in the previous academic year.

Student's parental income shall not exceed 3,00,000 per annum.

Student shall pursue either high school (8+9+10) or Intermediate (10+2), either in government or registered private school/college. 

Other guidelines:

The scholarships will be awarded each year for selected locations /schools/ classes.  Number of scholarships and scholarship amount can vary each year based on the decision by the foundation. 

Scholarship committee reserves the whole right in the selection process and hence their decision cannot be challenged.

No reservations apply either in the application process or the selection process. 

Scholarship amount will normally be paid out in the form of cash or cheque to the selected student. Sometimes it may be paid for student's fee, books or stationery directly. 

Students need to undergo scholarship selection process each year.

Scholarships won't be renewed. However academic progress of the selected students in a given year will be monitored by the foundation.