Objective of the Trust

Trust believes in the “Welfare of the Society” and the objectives are linked accordingly. As of now, the trust focusses on the “Promoting education in the society” and work towards different activities to achieve it.

To offer scholarships, stipends and financial support to deserving students in pursuing higher studies in Medicine, Arts, Science, Engineering and Computer technology.

Providing training directly or indirectly both at school level and in general, to help the youth to acquire knowledge, attitude, and skills which comprise both General employability skills, which are necessary for gaining and maintaining a job (like work behaviors, social development, physical endurance, and academic skills) and Specific employability skills, which are necessary to make them able to perform specific tasks on their jobs.

To run workshops, programs, seminars for the educated unemployed and the rural youth in co-ordination with other organizations.

Besides, Trust has intention to work towards the welfare of children, elderly people, physically & mentally challenged people in the society. We will update on this further as we carry out relevant activities.

Trust also welcomes individuals and Organizations with the same ideology to join hands with us to make a better society. Please contact us to share your thoughts or to contribute to our work.


Mr NARSAIAH KARNE,who shall hold office for the life time until he resigns therefrom and shall be in charge of the day to day affairs of the trust